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All the html would be hard to do on tumblr (mostly because I can't preview the way I'd like to), so I'm doing this on dw.

So yeah, ~space in anime~.

I'm definitely not an expert on space, and I know anime likes to do things simply because they look or sound cool. Which is okay, and I don't expect 100% realism in my mecha anime anyway, but some things in today's episodes were just downright wrong (and also inconsistent, which bothered me the most).

Spoilers for MJP ep8 and Valvrave ep7. Oh, and also picture heavy-ish, though all are resized a bit and you can open the full size versions in a new tab.

Let's start with Valvrave.

First; yes, that module has gravity in some parts, and no gravity (or ... not) in others. I'm willing to believe that because humans evolved in an environment with gravity, so "living in space" needs some gravity. How many times can I use "gravity" in one sentence. So, the part where they live has gravity; the part the Valvraves are stored has none. Or maybe it has, I'm not sure.

This is a thing that happens frequently; some people are standing on the ground, others are floating.
Seeing as they can get off of the ground really easily (just push yourself slightly and bamm!, you're floating), there is very little to no gravity. Except there are also people standing on the ground, and they're not holding onto railings, etc to avoid floating away. Nor is their hair moving freely which is a shame because longer hair in zero gravity is adorable. (Then again, Sunita herself is adorable...)
And this weird "there is gravity, but only as long as you're on the ground"-thing happens a lot, and it's really annoying to see. People are not magnetic. In low/zero gravity, they are not glued to the ground; they float around, and have to hold onto things to stay on the ground.

And then L-Elf descended quietly without pushing himself down. While he's "falling", his hair looks somewhat like it's supposed to, but as soon as he "lands", it falls down again. Boo.
If I remember correctly, Haruto's tie was not tucked into his jacket, so it should be floating right in front of his face. ... I'd really like to see that.

More of "some things are floating, others aren't" because why not. It's all over the place anyway.
That debris is nicely moving around several centimetres above the ground, while Haruto's tie ... is hanging down. That place's gravity is apparently strong enough to affect small pieces of cloth, but not larger bits of concrete and stone. That sure makes a lot of sense.

Nice floaty tears (and non-floaty hair). Except that is not what liquids do in zero gravity - and while I would be willing to believe that the module is big enough to have a small gravity field on its own, it would still only be affecting parts and yeah, gravity isn't that picky.
Have a video of somebody "crying" in zero gravity! There are other videos that demonstrate how liquids (at the very least, water) behave in zero G - they stick together. Of course, smaller droplets can "break free" and move around independently, but not all of them. Maybe if you shook your head, then they'd fly around. Maybe. But in general, tears would stick together and just form a big pool on your face until you wiped it off.

Moving on to MJP after those dramatic tears.

As far as I remember, MJP usually does space okay. They wear helmets while piloting (which is a good thing!), so I can't judge how their hair behaves, though apparently, the places where the robots are repaired is also magical with "gravity on ground, no gravity above ground".
But today, there was one scene, that just had me staring at my screen because ... yeah. Because it was really, really weird.

After a long battle with White-Haired Alien (don't ask me for his name, I can't be bothered to look it up), Izuru's robot is in a pretty bad state and the cockpit is exposed.

... I think there should be some problems with the pressure now, but maybe the suit is making up for that.

Alien Dude's cockpit is also exposed and it's ... a bubble of some liquid? That's what it looks like, at least. Well, they are aliens, so "liquid cockpit" isn't really a thing I have a problem with.
Alien Dude says something about how it's been a fun duel in that alien language of his, and then takes off. Yeah, no real problems here, I'm not going to question alien science right now.
Izuru reflects on the battle and thinks that Alien Dude looked human. And then


Okay, maybe Alien Dude hijacked their connection and Izuru heard him like that. That is the only somewhat logical conclusion I can reach because
  • Izuru is wearing a helmet meant to protect him in battle. I've never worn such a helmet but I assume that outside noises might be a bit muffled.
  • Alien Dude is in some liquid. Water doesn't carry sounds all that well, so I doubt his voice is loud and clear.
  • They are also quite a few meters apart; I'm bad at estimating, but it could easily be around 20 meters. Now imagine yourself wearing a helmet, and another person is standing 20 meters away and their head is beneath some liquid's surface (assuming they can still breathe). And then they speak at a normal volume. I honestly doubt you'd hear much.
  • And most importantly, there is no air. A vacuum does not carry sound. There is no way (other than the "hijacked connection"-thing) for Alien Dude's voice to reach Izuru.

  • Okay, maybe Izuru saw him move his mouth and assumed he was talking, but he sounded rather convinced.

    And as a special bonus, one of my favourite "what the hell are you doing, this is not how things work"-scenes from Gundam00. ... It's not Tieria's shower scene, though that was also hilarious.

    Context: People are on a space ship. Like a plane, really, just in space.

    Are you sure you want to open that door

    ~wind rushing out~
    in space. While nobody is wearing a helmet. This can not end well.

    But it does! Everyone only has wind-ruffled hair, but everything else is fine! Yay!
    Really now.
    I'm not actually sure what would happen if you opened a door in space like that (because there are no tests), but let's search for similar things. (Slight gore warning for both of these; descriptions only, though, no pictures.) What would happen if you opened a window on a plane (tl;dr you die), and what happens to the human body when exposed to the vacuum of space (tl;dr you die).
    Okay, that is different from "open a door on a space ship", but I think the result would be somewhere along the lines of "people being injured". Even if they survived, they'd probably still have a lot of horrible injuries, and not ... wind-ruffled hair.

    I ... hope somebody enjoyed this "no anime, what are you doing, that is not how space works"-post, and also that I wasn't horribly wrong about things lmao
    If I am, please please correct me, okay, I don't want to spread wrong information!!
    That is all, good night~

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    Seconding the "I want to see long hair in zero g behaving like it should" comment. *0*v

    And I kinda want to see someone getting mummified in space. ahaha.


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