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2013-05-24 02:03 am
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All the html would be hard to do on tumblr (mostly because I can't preview the way I'd like to), so I'm doing this on dw.

So yeah, ~space in anime~.

I'm definitely not an expert on space, and I know anime likes to do things simply because they look or sound cool. Which is okay, and I don't expect 100% realism in my mecha anime anyway, but some things in today's episodes were just downright wrong (and also inconsistent, which bothered me the most).

Spoilers for MJP ep8 and Valvrave ep7. Oh, and also picture heavy-ish, though all are resized a bit and you can open the full size versions in a new tab.

Let's start with Valvrave.

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I ... hope somebody enjoyed this "no anime, what are you doing, that is not how space works"-post, and also that I wasn't horribly wrong about things lmao
If I am, please please correct me, okay, I don't want to spread wrong information!!
That is all, good night~